Why Learn To Fly With Perranporth Flying Club

If riding on an aircraft for the first time thrilled you, consider getting pilot training. Why? That is because it is a whole new different world out there when you are the one manning the plane rather than a passenger. Here are few of the reasons that will explain why flight training is something you should try.


What attracted humankind to venture up into the sky was the independence seen in birds drifting, hovering, or gliding in the air without care. Today, many aviators would attest that it is truly enjoyable and exciting to be just up there cruising above green fields or cities.


Because flying is a risky challenge, certification is required. Despite the difficulties faced during the entire course, many students find the lessons worthwhile because they can apply the knowledge gained even when off the plane. For instance, they obtain a better understanding about weather vagaries and navigation.


Earning a pilot certificate can open many doors for you. Even if you are just flying as a hobby, your skill can be used to earn extra money. You could be a commercial, corporate, or a charter pilot. You could even be teacher.

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