Perranporth is a wonderful place to learn to fly. Students benefit from the availability of two tarmac runways so whenever the weather is suitable Perranporth students go flying!

There is no controlled airspace over Cornwall so VFR flights can range freely. More advanced students benefit from nearby Newquay airport where instrument approaches can be practised. Both Newquay and RNAS Culdrose provide a radar service so students can experience the full range of R/T procedures.

We have 3 full-time instructors with varying experience, including military and commercial operations. We can also conduct flight tests and ground examinations on site as two of our instructors are examiners.

Qualifying as a pilot became less expensive in 2002 with the introduction of the National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL). This licence enables British residents to fly a single engine aircraft with a minimum of 32 hours instruction. The alternative to this is the European EASA PPL which takes a minimum of 45 hours.

Whichever licence you choose you can change your mind during the course, either upgrading or downgrading as you wish. Having obtained an NPPL, additional training can be undertaken to upgrade to a EASA PPL, and if after a few years you don't anticipate using the privileges of your EASA PPL, you can downgrade to an NPPL.

At Perranporth Flying School we train students for both licences, as well as providing training to upgrade from NPPL to EASA PPL, and for additional ratings such as the Instrument Meteorological Conditions rating (IMC).

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